Wyre Youth (defn):

“Young people who; EMERGE in stature and favour with God and men, ELEVATE the cause of Christ and the praise of our God, ENDEAVOUR in the giftings and talents destined by God to do great works prepared in advance, ENGAGE their communities and meet the needs of the city.”

We have 4 streams within the Youth Ministry arm of Faith in Christ Fellowship Macarthur.

Emerge (junior high)

Emerge is all about raising up the next generation in a solid foundation of their faith and values, filled with energy this is the time to connect and radiate

Elevate (senior high)

Elevate is all about the uprising that comes at the age of responsibility, and the choices of worship. Many social pressures can get to teens at this age, so it is our offering to give counselling and connect groups that are founded on biblical principles to navigate to a Christ influence lifestyle

Endeavour (college students / young professionals)

Endeavour targets those who are exploring new avenues in their life after graduating from the school years, it’s time to explore the opportunities God has prepared in advanced for us. With all the offers in the world, it’s important to have a group of friends that can make sure you walk the right path with the greatest support.

Engage (youth leaders)

Engage is the leadership stream of youth ministry. We believe in preparing this generation for church leadership, so those who have identified the call to lead over their lives will be nurtured and given opportunities to develop their skills through service.


Please email wyreyouth@gmail.com for any enquiries