1st July 2018 Who’s the Boss (The Lord of the Church)

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Sermon Series #1 “Christ and His Church”

Date: July 1, 2018 Scripture: Revelation 1:9-20


The Lord Jesus meets the exiled Apostle John on the island of Patmos and gives him a life-changing revelation. John shares this revelation with the Church as “brother and companion.” This book was penned around 90 – 96 A.D. and John is the only one of Jesus’ Twelve left on Earth. Renewed Roman persecution under the Emperor Domitian had broken out against Christians in approximately 86 A.D. and this persecution would continue for nearly 250 more years. There were “lampstand churches”, regional centers where other surrounding churches drew resource and strength. Jesus knows what the Church will be going through and is giving hope and strength.

Key Points

    1. Jesus desires to reveal Himself to His Church – The church had been established in certain good principles, but there were also some things that needed to be corrected. Jesus will not let His church be anything less than what He intends for it to be – He is the Lord of His church.
    2. Jesus desires to for His Church to be a light – He is the one keeping the light clear and clean and fresh. He is the Light and the churches are His lights. Jesus is challenging the church to be everything He has called her to be, and also wants the church to see the ultimate victory, that together, the church and Jesus will triumph.
    3. Jesus desires to reveal Himself to you – The Apostle John was exiled on Patmos, a rocky desert island (probably after being tortured). He starts by saying, “I, John, both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ.” What is your Patmos? Immediate victories do not always happen. Some things will be take time and patience. But, Jesus came to him in his place of loneliness, and He comes to us too.
      1. Jesus’ presence is practical – John is overwhelmed to the wonderful presence of Jesus, and actually components of His vision of Jesus appear in every letter to the various regional churches. Not only is John seeing a marvelous picture of the Lord Jesus (surpassing even the revelation on the Mount of Transfiguration), but there are parts of His person that have specific meaning and power to you and your function in the church. The glorious Jesus who rules at the right hand of God, has majestic splendor not only for glory, but to answer to the needs in the church! Jesus is not just a glorious Lord, but is very practical and wants to meet us where we are.
      2. Jesus’ presence is tender – John sees not only a marvelous Lord, but also a tender Savior. John fell at His feet as dead, but Jesus laid His right hand on him, and said, “Do not be afraid.” The first thing we see is that Jesus reaches His way. His glory, power, majesty is marvelous, but His person is still the same – He is love and He is good.
      3. Jesus’ presence assures our victory – Jesus reveals himself as the “First and the Last,” three times, in the same chapter. Basically He is saying that He inhabits eternity, already knows our tomorrows, and He is with us. He knows what is coming – nothing will surprise or surpass Him, and we can trust Him.
      4. Jesus’ presence gives us hope – Jesus reminds John that He was dead (put it a rock, covered by a rock) and now is alive, and so even though John is alone on a rocky desert island, there is resurrection power and hope.
      5. Jesus’s presence fits our situation – Jesus reminds John that He has the keys of Death and Hell – that He is able to unlock whatever binds us, whatever is holding us in, and where we feel hopeless. Jesus has a key that fits our situation.


    John receives this revelation: “I was in the Spirit” (refusing to be dominated by circumstances and choosing to turn to Jesus) “on the Lord’s Day” (allowing Jesus to do what He wants today) “and turned to see the voice that spoke to me” (responding to Jesus). Turn to Jesus and receive the truth that He is with you and is leading you to victory.

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