15th April 2018 How To Live The Abundant Life

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How To Live The Abundant Life

After Easter Sermon # 2 / Date: April 15, 2018
Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-20


This message focuses on how to live the abundant life that Jesus said he came to give (John 10:10). God never
intended for us to live our lives without His promised abundance. He desires that everyone be strengthened with
might by His Spirit so they can experience the fullness of life. When we establish roots in Christ, this makes His
life more possible in our lives. As we are rooted in Jesus, we can best relate to His life in all kinds of
circumstances (socially, spiritually, domestically) without any hindrances.

Key Points

1. Be Strengthened with Might and Rooted in Love – In Ephesians 3:14-20, Paul’s prayer for the people
of this church was that they would be strengthened with all the fullness of God. He wants them to be
rooted in Christ, and able to know all the fullness that life has to offer. As we are strengthened with God’s
might, we begin to become rooted and grounded in his love.
• Know God’s design for abundant life in Jesus – Paul is praying for the work of the Holy Spirit in
the lives of these people. He’s praying this so Christ may dwell in their hearts by faith and that they
may know the abundant life Jesus promised. He wanted them to know all the love and fulfilment
life could bring in God’s forever family.
• Know the fullness of God’s love and life – The Lord wants us to comprehend the length, breadth,
height, and depth of His love. The life Jesus has for us is of constant expansion. It’s a life without
dimension. Many times believers live without this fullness of life. There are obstacles in our way
sometimes, but we need to identify and deal with these things by the power of the Holy Spirit. God
wants us to know the fullness of Him.

2. Confront the Culture Knowing We’re Rooted in Christ – In society, many believe the traditional
Christian values are out of date. We shouldn’t let this kind of cynicism stampede our minds. We should
live out biblical values despite what the culture says. Our minds need to be aligned with Scripture. We
need to confront the culture with the life of Jesus.
• Planted, rooted, re-rooted then uprooted – As believers we’ve been planted, rooted, re-rooted
and uprooted, and fruited. In Genesis 5:1, we learn that we are all part of Adam’s seed. We were all
planted when our father’s seed took root in our mother. We were then rooted in a wild tree that
was outside the life of Jesus (Romans 11:17). When we’re born again of the seed of God we
become a new creation and are re-rooted in Christ.
In Jeremiah 1:10, the Lord told Jeremiah that he would have a ministry to build things up, edify
them and grow them up. But in order to do this he had to root out, pull down, destroy, and throw
down the old things. This is similar in our lives. In order for God’s purposes to be realized in our
lives there has to be an uprooting of the old.
• Fruitful as we partner with Him – In Psalm 1, there’s a tree that’s been planted, and it’s become
increasingly fruitful. This fruitfulness comes because the Word is rooted in the good soil of a
person’s heart. We partner with the Lord in the purging process of our lives. Maximum growth can’t
take place if we stay in shallow soil. Establishing roots now has to do with preparing the soil now in
our lives. We need to identify the things in our lives that have put rocks in the soil. These may be
rocks from former experiences.


The main goal of this sermon is to draw people into deep and fulfilling relationship with Jesus. This is
accomplished as believers partner with the Holy Spirit to root out wounds from the past. This healing brings
believers into God’s best in relationships. It allows them to be rooted and grounded in His love and strengthened
with might through His Spirit.

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